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SpurWest is a brand with a mission to bring western style to all walks of life through quality apparel with a twisted-ly unique perspective inspired by the wild west. Our style combines retro and futuristic aspects of western culture with the rugged landscapes that call to our imagination. 

The SpurWest Brand

The West represents risk, opportunity, adventure, the unknown. Whether people have traveled west in search of gold, a journey of self-discovery, or an adventure across its unforgivable terrain, all of them had one thing in common— chasing something that was bigger than themselves. Risks and uncertainty didn't turn them away, it drew them in.  

What is your West? Maybe starting a new career path, learning to play that guitar tucked away in your closet, or taking a road trip with no set destination—the time is now. Spur towards those opportunities, risks, and adventures! 

In 2020 during the height of the covid pandemic, we decided to change the name of our company to SpurWest, and it was this mentality that pushed us forward. Was it risky? Definitely, and trust us when we say we gave it a lot of thought. We didn't let the unknown stop us and took the leap of faith. SpurWest is more than just a brand but a way of living. Think of it as a life motto to keep in your back pocket—reaching into that pocket whenever you need a little kick to “Spur” towards your “West.” Life is short my friends, so live it up, smile often, chase your dreams, take risks, love others, love yourself, and ultimately SpurWest.   


The Origin of the "Spur" 

Yeah it's is a little weird, funky, and rough around the edges, kind of like us it doesn't fit the standard shape. Our "Spur" icon is where it all started for us, a small pencil doodle on a scrap piece of paper by a college kid with a dream of starting his own apparel brand. This hand-drawn "spur" represented the letter 'u' in the word SPUR of our logo for many years. Our logo now displays an updated version of the spur in place of the letter 'u', and although it no longer contains the hand drawn spur, we love seeing it as a shirt design because it reminds us of where it all started; a dream, a risk, and a chance taken. 





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