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No minimum followers required! Profile must be public on Instagram so we can see your content. Follow our Instagram and TikTok @spurwest 

A Community Created by YOU

We are a brand dedicated to the free spirited, wild at heart, and adventure seekers. Our style combines retro and futuristic aspects of western culture with the rugged landscapes that call to our imagination. Our customers span from the hills of Tennessee to the Rockies of Colorado, the beaches of California to the outback of Australia. We want content that represents our broad community’s unique perspectives.

This Repost program is a way for you to capture life's moments while wearing the brand that keeps you feeling great. You are already going to make posts, why not get something more out of it?  This program allows us to reward our most loyal customers.



Our Reposts

If we repost your content on our company Instagram @spurwest three times you can become a SpurWest Social Media influencer. When reposted on our page you will receive a $25 gift card! Make it on our page three times and you will receive a custom discount code, where you will receive commission from your tracked code sales and be eligible for special influencer offerings and rewards.

If we choose to feature you on our story, you will be put in for a our random give away drawings, where the winners will receive various prizes. 

Your Posts

When you simply post content with our merchandise and tag SpurWest’s Instagram, you will automatically be eligible for our giveaway drawings to win SpurWest Trading Co. apparel or merchandise. 


There is no minimum followers required to have a chance at becoming one of our influencers. We just want a team of bold and awesome individuals who share our passion for adventure, and dance to the beat of their own drum.


The most important element we look for in repostable content is the quality and action of the photo. Is your selfie game strong? Are you showing us YOU, your personality, something you enjoy doing? Are your photos well-lit and show a good contrast or are they out of focus, a little blurry and blue with too many filters?


Give it your best shot and let us see what you got. 


Photography Tips to Help You Create:


  • Use a DSLR camera if you have one, or make sure you are using the highest quality resolution your phone offers.
  • Stay away from selfies with you holding your phone— try using a timer or have a helper.
  • Attempt taking more in-the-moment-looking photos/you doing something or exploring somewhere.
  • Always make sure that the apparel/ western goods are in focus
  • Avoid covering up graphics (Ex: with hair or drawstrings) because viewers need to be able to read and see them.
  • Use bright natural light so details of your face and the products are visible. Please avoid using filters.
  • Always make sure there is enough contrast in the background and/or foreground for the products to stand out. (EX: don’t put a black shirt on a black or dark background)
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